Sunday, June 10, 2007

For the month of Mei…..our activities is Mothers day stash exchange. We need to complete it by 9th of mei and post it out so that must reach to our partner not later than 13th of Mei 2007. This time my partner is Kak Ros. Kak Ros is well known as Paula Vaughan fan. She loves to stitch PV’s design. Well ….me..after seeing the PV pattern I also fall in love …but then..its too complicated and also…….huh!!!!! mencabar sungguh!

So…..I have stitched to a Book mark to kak Ros. It’s a simple bookmark. I took the pattern from my first cross stitch book ( before this I usually buy novels, but now I started to buy magazines and books related to cross stitch). Its Donna Coolers book….I also did keychain for her….just a simple one also. At that time I was very busy at office and don’t have enough time to sew at office. Market was doing good at that time…huh finally….!!
I added some stuff here and there…and made her a box and also a simple card……everything hand made. I hope kak ros will like it.

My parter is Elinatra dr Sabah...tu!!!!!
Look what I have received from elin?????????!!!!!
Huh…first time when the box received I felt very happy. Once opened, I cannot say anything!…Lidah kelu tanpa kata .So may stashes is inside that box. HMMMM…..cotton two pieces, framed cross stitch (happy mama’s day), bracelet ( I like so much), buttons, designs from dmc, dmc tread, beads, huh..a lot….. Thanks elin..thanks so much……!!!!!!!!

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